June 17-20, 2018, Singularity University, Silicon Valley

Singularity University is the bleeding edge university for companies that want to learn about exponential growth.

Our world is changing very, very quickly – it’s unpredictable and complex – and many leaders are caught by surprise.

Based on their research and what they are tapped into, Singularity U. helps leaders to understand the increasing pace of change that will continue to come – how we can adapt to thrive in the future, rather than being the trampled ‘left behinds’.

Exponential Leaders embrace a new skill sets, toolsets, and mindsets that inspire and empower both the individual and the organization to adapt and evolve.

If you’ve ever seen Co-Founder & Executive Chairman Peter Diamandis, or Founding Executive Director Salim Ismail speak, you know they share mind-blowing insights which they also talk about in their books: Salim’s Exponential Organizations, and Peter’s Abundance, The Future is Better Than You Think.

I’m very excited to have secured, with a colleague, some dates at Singularity U. in Silicon Valley – exceptionally difficult to get into – to take a group of CEOs and executives, for an Exponential Leadership study tour.

We’ll spend two days with an amazing group of leaders from around the world, learning from the sharpest of the faculty, and on the third day, tour some of the top disruptive companies in the Silicon Valley.

Singularity University: Where the world’s brightest minds convene to attack the world’s toughest challenges. – Bloomberg TV

If you’d like to be one of group that comes with me, let’s talk!

Don’t delay – this will sell out quickly.

About Singularity University

Founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil, Singularity University is dedicated to helping leaders understand and apply exponentially accelerating technologies to create the future we want to live in.

Headquartered on the campus of NASA Research Center in Silicon Valley, Singularity University offers on-campus and digital education courses, future ideation and disruption workshops, prototyping and business model generation services in our innovation lab, as well as global summits and conferences to corporations, entrepreneurs, NGOs, non-profits, academic institutions and government leaders.