Laurie Ballantyne

With a genuine care and concern for people, coupled with an insightful, resourceful and strategic brain, Laurie says that she didn’t choose to work in HR – HR chose her.

After 20 years building Human Resources departments in privately held, organizations, with teams up to 1000 people, she became a consultant to provide holistic HR services, expertise, and training and development for a wide variety of clients. From healthcare to food production, mining, transportation and professional services, Laurie’s sweet spot lies in helping clients in phases of rapid growth.

Known for building collaborative environments that balance the needs of people and organizations, Laurie understands how all the pieces of human performance fit with strategy, values and purpose; and to identify the priorities and needs which meet the goals and objectives of an organization.

As a human resource strategist, she knows that stagnancy happens when you stop continuing to improve and innovate and always seeks answers to two questions: “What can we do better? How can we be better?”.

And, when it comes to people, she understands – from beginning to end – what works and what doesn’t, from knowledge gaps and processes, to solving conflict. She genuinely wants to hear people’s stories, to build great relationships, and to arm them with the tools and resources they need to support a company’s operational needs.

It’s about making their working life better and the company better.

The enthusiasm Laurie brings to her work also infuses her love of 80s music, her family and friends, and her bright yellow vintage Volkswagen.