In his April 12, 2017 letter to shareholders, Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos talks about the vitality of Day 1 Thinking – especially when it comes to focusing on your customers.

Day 1 Thinking is the fresh, inventive and energetic thinking that defined what needed to happen for your customers, on your very first day of business. This letter arrived (thanks so much to Todd Roberts at Material Handling Services for sharing this great piece) just as we prepared for a recent strategy meeting with clients – and it turned out to be a spectacular primer.

So many companies so easily sink into Day 2 Thinking – stale, stagnant and bureaucratic – that leads to irrelevance, decline, and (eventually) death.

So how do you keep it fresh? Bezos recommends four things to keep your customer focus and competitive edge:

  1. Customer obsession
  2. A skeptical view of proxies
  3. The eager adoption of external trends
  4. High-velocity decision making

Read this letter – it’s phenomenal – and then apply Day 1 Amazon Thinking to your customer focus…they’ll be thrilled that you did.