“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” – C. S. Lewis, British author (Chronicles of Narnia)

Can you develop better leaders in 60 minutes a month?

You’ve heard the adage that leaders are learners and we know that working harder, is not enough. We’re all required to work smarter if we want to sustain our performance – never mind improve it – as companies grow, become more complex or enter more competitive markets or economies.

We also know that leaders and executives are very, very busy and it’s hard, with a heavy workload, to keep up with the discipline to continually grow your capabilities as a leader – to ensure you are ahead of the curve, more effective at the core things you do and get the insights to eliminate blind spots.

We constantly talk about how to increase A-Players and to continue to grow and develop the talent when everyone is so busy.

Learning together

Over the years, we’ve helped companies by making learning a core part of the meeting process.

Everyone on the executive team would read a book and then we’d discuss how we are doing to implement and bring key ideas to life. That process of learning together works very, very well.

Recently we were asked to create a leadership program based on my book Your Oxygen Mask First.

We built 18 modules (to do over 18 months) – also drawing on the principles in great books with valuable insights like Scaling Up, Multipliers, Topgrading™, The Oz Principle and Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave – breaking down the content to make it very easy for everyone to learn together. People don’t even have to read whole books – rather just a chapter or a summary, or they complete an assessment to prepare so that their mind is in the content.

Simple Leadership Training

In person or via video conference, we review the module’s content, have group discussions around key questions, and assign homework to put the principles they’ve learned, into practice. The approach is very simple and powerful, and I look at this as an appointment to learn.

The program has worked so well that we now have a number of companies working together on leadership education, from 60 to 120 minutes every month. One of them, with multiple offices across the country, is using the program to develop 20 key leaders.

As I developed this program, I flashbacked to over 20 years ago, to my initial training as a coach and the many programs I taught back then. Done by teleconference, they worked very well and were insanely efficient. Today, video conference is even better.

It may sound simple but getting key people together once a month to do a more sophisticated version of a book club is a powerful way to learn together, and to understand and align their thinking. Even better is the chance to practice and role-play better techniques to get the best out of people, to negotiate or manage conflict, and to develop a common language and principles, within the company.

These skills lay the foundation for future greatness.

The Challenge

  • What are you doing to keep your team learning and growing every month or two?

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about a customized 60-minute leadership training for your team on your site; or virtually. We’d be glad to help.