Focus, strategic thinking, and valuing talent are the cornerstones of Michelle LaVallee’s coaching practice.

As a Certified Topgrading & International Business Coach, Michelle advises global executives on high- performance people planning and organizational design. Her ability to rapidly evaluate and assimilate the current state enables her to assess what is required for growth, scale, or improvement.

With 20 years experience in China and Asia, with large organizations and start-ups, Michelle is a cross-cultural operational expert, and masterful in reengineering organizations for their own strategic fulfillment. Her natural warmth puts people at ease, strengthens their desire to embrace new practices, and influences stakeholders to build good will while aligning their teams for positive change.

A Topgrading Champion since 2006, she has supported dozens of international companies to achieve at least 85% A Players in the midst of rapid growth, and has conducted over 1,000 Topgrading Interviews across multiple industries in China, Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Michelle’s Topgrading workshops and interviews help organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars when avoiding the cost of “mis-hires”, and improve internal abilities to recognize talent.

An adventurer with a love for the outdoors, Michelle’s intrepid spirit that led her to explorations in China and throughout Asia, and now to spend her spare time building a small farm in southern Chile.