Hands down, the most impactful and engaging workshop I've attended. Michelle's delivery and interactions were outstanding. An absolute pleasure to learn so much from an industry leader. The workshop was a game changer. Looking forward to the positive impact this will make to my organization.

Sarah Stevens, Human Resources Generalist, Outback Team Building & Training

The course was great! I did not know what to expect going in, but I learned a lot and came out with practical actions to start taking now. Michelle is a great coach. She is enthusiastic about the material and that creates a great environment for learning. First hour back at my office, I was already sharing some of what I learned with my staff... they looked scared, so obviously Michelle & Kevin are better at teaching it than me!

Stacey Poier, Partner, Pivotal LLP

Oh my gosh! Now that I've seen how hiring can be done, there's no way I can go back to the way we've been doing it for the past 20 years!

Angela Santiago, President, The Little Potato Company

Best & most valuable professional training of my career.

Nolan Berning, VP of Sales & Marketing, Chase Office Solutions

Practical implementable tools to make better hiring decisions - the demos and role plays are invaluable! A must take for all CEOs, HR, & Hiring Managers.

Laurie Ballantyne, Director of Human Resources, The FFUN Group

Game Changer. Michelle showed & taught us all the tools we need in the future on how to succeed with the Topgrading program.

Mark Charlesworth, COO, Dogwood Ltd.

Fantastic course. Lots of takeaways. Sessions and role-plays give you great insight into how to do Topgrading. Michelle is excellent. Kept the sessions simple, full of energy and at a great pace.

Mikel Rhodes, CFO, The Interlock Group