Kem Krest: A Case Study of Resilience and Rebuilding

Kem Krest had outgrown their management and learning systems.

In order to thrive, they needed to adopt the mantra: “less is more.” Lawrence & Co. used Scaling Up methodology and Jim Collins’ tools to help Kem Krest get back to the basics by building a simple strategy, sourcing and growing exceptional key players, and putting the right tracking systems in place. Lawrence & Co.’s, Lance Neale, a strategic advisor of 35 years of experience in business operations, led a series of workshops with senior leadership to introduce this new management system and build a foundation of strategic priorities and detailed execution planning.Once the foundation was built, the vision started to cascade the tools and disciplines into the company culture.

It’s all a function of first who, and then what. It’s about getting A-players on the team, and Kevin made sure I didn’t settle for mediocrity.

The Impact

Significant increase in operating cash flow

Strong improvements in balance sheet health

Significant improvement in inventory efficiency

Strong improvement in gross margin and EBITDA performance

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Case Study - Kem Krest