Strategic Planning

Build Better Strategies

Many companies start with a great strategy and lose focus along the way.With the pressure to compete to sustain margins and increase profits, leaders get caught up in the day-to-day, and forget to keep their strategy – and competitive edge – as sharp as it needs to be.

You can do better – much better.

Let us show you how to hone and re-invigorate your strategy, strengthen your market position, increase your profits – and re-align your whole team to achieve outstanding results.We use our strong track record and extensive experience with proven methodologies – including principles in Your Oxygen Mask First and Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0™) – to deliver:

  • Compelling strategic planning + execution
  • Inspired vision + culture design
  • Focused accountability + KPI development
  • Insightful customer + employee research
  • Quarterly goals for your company and each executive team member

Lawrence & Co. have been instrumental in helping us scale our organization. We tried to implement scaling up methodologies and failed horribly. They provided us with the right framework, coaching, and structure to implement scaling up which has helped us tremendously in our growth.Tommy Truong, COO, Push Operations

Team Alignment & Engagement

It’s one thing to build a team of highly capable executives who can individually produce results – and quite another to have them function as a healthy, aligned and engaged team.

We can show you how to amplify each executive’s strengths and drive for success and shape them into a cohesive, respectful, high-performing team.

Build Teams of Engaged A-Players

Engagement Research

Accurate information is incredibly powerful – especially when you need to solve problem, improve your business or optimize a team.

We dig deep to arm you with the insightful, accurate data you need – including what people on the front lines feel, think, and experience in their work every day – to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

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