Podcast Episode 5: Leadership team accountability, Recalibrating priorities, Shifting from health to economic crisis

The Growth Whisperers is a weekly podcast hosted by Brad Giles and Kevin Lawrence two advisors to mid-market businesses, one Australian, one Canadian, who each work with CEOs and Leadership Teams across the world with a mission to build enduring, great companies. Each weekly episode covers interesting situations and questions from the world of strategic planning, leadership development, talent and hiring in high growth entrepreneurial companies where real results matter.




Leadership team accountability – How do great leadership teams create accountability, and what is the best way for leaders to create accountability within their teams? Kevin and Brad talk about what leaders need to do to create real accountability in their teams.

Recalibrating priorities – With COVID19 leadership teams are focussing on the immediate problems and often not paying attention to the broader plan and priorities. Is it acceptable to stop executing your business plans? The Growth Whisperers talk about the ‘Coronavirus excuse problem’ and whether or not CEOs and leaders should accept the excuse that people were working on other things and haven’t been working on the business plans.

Shifting from health to economic crisis – With many parts of the world beginning to see Coronavirus case numbers decline, people are waking up to the economic hangover as they look into the future. Brad and Kevin talk about the economic crisis small to medium businesses are facing.