Proactive Recruiting Helps Stack Your Talent Deep

“Stacking the right people, in the right seats, is a game changer.”

Ever think that leaders should be more like commissioned salespeople in the sense that they should be constantly prospecting?

One important way directors, executives and managers can do this is through proactive recruiting. This helps leaders build relationships with key (prospective) employees they want to add to their team. Furthermore, this can also apply to new clients in some cases because they have influencing connections. This is no different than a general building an army. You want to build your bench deep and stack it with talent.

In fast growing companies, sometimes team members don’t make the cut, or you need to expand into a new region, or add more horsepower and knowledge to the team. When that happens, most companies rely on external recruiters or HR to bring in people, and that process can be slow, expensive, and reactive.

Invest 1-Hour Per Week on Proactive Recruiting

But if you spent just an hour a week on proactive recruitment strategies and activities – like the executives, directors and managers do in some of the best companies we’ve seen – you’ll build your own robust prospect lists.

For example, if a CEO and team of seven people each had a list of 20 amazing high-performers you’d love to have in the company to continually follow up with, that’s a prospect list of 140 people. (And, if you’re a business-to-business organization, there’s potential for some other business to come out of it, too.)

What would happen if you bring in the next level of directors, say 20 people? That’s 400 A-Players you’re in conversations with every month and working to bring towards your organization.

Then, when some of that amazing talent gets dislodged or frustrated, there’s a very good chance they’re going to come your way and land, just at the right time.

After 25 years working with scaling companies, we know execution is a discipline but stacking the right people, in the right seats, is a game changer.

The Challenge

  • Where is your list of 14, 140 or 400?
  • What’s your plan to follow up the 17 times it will probably take to land them?

For more about having a Topgrading virtual bench, join us for episode 69 of The Growth Whisperers podcast.

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