Why Good Employees Leave

It’s important to understand why good employees leave your company.

After our client lost a key executive, we dug deeper into the initial story. Did she really leave because she was offered more money somewhere else? She was a perfectionist and a high-performer. Someone you would dream of having on your team – and over-consumed with work. She didn’t want to drop the quality of her work or reputation and, ultimately, left because of the stress she felt being a Rockstar at work. She was trying to take care of herself while taking on the challenge of being an amazing mother. Leaving was the only way she could save face.

And her manager didn’t pick up the clues when she couldn’t keep up the pace.

So, how is your environment set up for high performers? Does it allow them enough space to talk about what they need to be successful?

Why Good Employees Leave and How to Prevent It

In Your Oxygen Mask First (Chapter 3), I talk about the importance of resilience and how managers should guide and support their people to be strong and healthy, and to perform at their best.

One of our recommendations is to encourage each team member to set quarterly and annual goals. Set three or four related to work, one or two about their own resilience and growth and, in some cases, one or two that relate to their life.

You can take it a step further by including important life goals for each team member. It’s a way of getting people to fully understand and support what’s important in each other’s world. This puts the message on the table that you want them to succeed in all facets of life: to thrive at work, be healthy, strong and resilient and to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

You might even improve their performance.

The Challenge

  • How can you help people in your organization to be more resilient and thrive?
  • How can you help your high performers who want to stay?
  • Do you allow enough time to really be curious and hear what they need to sustain their success? 

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