An Amazing Team Retreat

In early October, we had our second team retreat in Whistler, after adding three new advisors this year. Because we work almost completely virtually, this is when – in addition to work on our strategic plan for the next year – we build and strengthen our bonds with each other and induct new team members.

Since we’re part of so many retreats and annual planning sessions for our clients, you’d think that people who do this for a living would be in one of two camps: the cobbler’s kids who don’t have any shoes (a sound strategic plan), or advisors who are underwhelmed by the process.

In fact, it was the opposite.

Our team was over-the-top excited to participate in the experience, activities and bonding moments. They all wanted to show and share their best skills, tools and techniques – some of which blew my mind – so that we were all stronger and sharper with knowledge and skills. It was very interesting to be a participant, on the receiving end for a change, as different members of the team led us through different exercises – including updating our Master Plans. If you’re not familiar with it, the Master Plan (Chapter 17 of Your Oxygen Mask First, Plan, Plan and Plan Again) is your personal strategic plan to focus on what is most important to you, for the next one, three,10 and 50 years.

I especially want to acknowledge that the people on our admin team, who are as critical to serving and building relationships with our clients to better understand what they need, as our advisors.

Everyone’s willing spirit, generosity and sense of fun and spontaneity eased the hard work and drew us even closer together. Truly, it was a master class on how to be a great advisor, and I have no doubt that we all emerged with new skills and insights that can only benefit our work with clients, moving forward.

Most importantly, those three days together enhanced everyone’s life and/or skills in some notable way. And I came away inspired by this passionate team, validated by the work we do and confident in our ability to help more clients and to build the kind of company we envision.

Here are five things that made this retreat highly impactful:

  1. The right physical environment. We stayed in an amazing 12-bedroom house/retreat centre together for two days that helped us to get to know each other – and work together – better.
  2. Competitive and collaborative activities. We split into two teams in a fun spirit of competition, and on-the-spot five-minute team-building exercises made us laugh so much we were practically crying.
  3. Opening and closing ceremonies. Ours were designed to welcome and initiate new team members and included hilarious performances.
  4. A team activity to benefit the outside community. Ours really stretched our personal comfort levels, too.
  5. Opportunities for everyone on the team to showcase their talents and teach others new techniques to be more effective. Our team members took turns facilitating different aspects of work and social activities.

The Challenge

  • When you bring your team together, what can you do to leverage the time to create the biggest impact?

Additional Resources

  • If you’d like a copy of our team retreat agenda, please let us know.
  • Here’s a link to a video we created to walk teams through a Master Plan.


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