Building an Executive Team that Kicks Ass

In 20 years of coaching, this is one of my favourite techniques for creating a spectacularly-strong executive team full of A+ players.

It’s a tried and true system for keeping tabs on the progress of your execs without consuming huge amounts of your time.

Coaching Triad

Once a quarter, schedule a 20 to 30-minute meeting with each of your execs and their coach – all three of you must attend the meeting for this to work.

Follow this exact agenda for these meetings:

  • The exec shares for 7 to 10 minutes about where they’re making progress and where they need improvement.
  • You share for 7 to 10 minutes about where you see the exec making progress and where you see a need to improve.
  • For the remaining 7 to 10 minutes, the coach offers any needed commentary and clarifies the areas where the executive needs to grow. The coach makes note of these focus areas.

I’m telling you, magic happens in these sessions. People are forced to be concise and transparent. You quickly get everything out on the table. You get to observe the coach in action. And best of all, you’ll get follow-through. You’ll create clear accountability.

In less than 3 hours a quarter, you can easily cover a 5-person exec team. In my mind every CEO on the planet needs to do this.

This is a ridiculously efficiently, crazy-powerful way to manage the performance of your execs. Go forth and conquer.