Our Purpose

We help high-achieving CEOs & leaders to have it all – a great business and a rewarding life.

Our Core Values

Better Next Time

Some people are satisfied when a solution “works”. Not us. In everything we do, we always look for a way to take something good, and make it great. Better, faster, simpler. It’s just what we do, instinctually.

Today’s achievement is tomorrow’s benchmark.

Tell It Like It Is.

Ever meet someone that just tells it like it is…good or bad? Well, that’s us. We believe that life is simpler when things are transparent. This seems like common sense – but it’s not common, and we have very little patience for things that claim to be much more – or different – than they really are.

Presenting things as they are makes life simpler. That way you don’t have any “stories” you need to remember!

More Than You Say

We are people who believe in doing more than expected. Call it generosity. Call it a desire to help. Call it a need to please. The key is that we are driven to – and take pleasure in – doing something extra. It’s good for our clients and relationships – and rewarding for us, too.

The person that gives more than expected will, sooner or later, be rewarded more than expected.

Start with Respect

Although we’re passionate about the best things in life, we aren’t keen on the attitudes that often go with them. We are down-to earth people who treat everyone with equal respect. For us, respect has a lot to do with listening to – and considering – different perspectives. With an open mind, it’s amazing what you can learn.

Some think that respect is earned. We start by giving it.


How We Can Help

Most advice people get about how to improve a company – or create a rich and rewarding life – is nonsense.

And many of the theories, frameworks and ideas – the ‘best practices’ – about how to improve strategies and people simply do not translate to entrepreneur-led, high-growth companies.

In fact, they are often the perfect solution for mediocrity.

We don’t do best practices. And we don’t do what everyone else does.

For over twenty years, we’ve studied – and worked with – some of the best high-growth firms in the world, and the things we do are not for the faint of heart.

We cut through all the fear, and the time-wasting, non value- adding theories, to design the sharpest strategy, the best profitability and margins, the best balance sheet for our clients.

And we keep it simple. We know that whatever we do together has to be easy to implement, or it simply won’t get done.

Call us if you want to be the best – if you want strategy so smart and teams so strong, you make the competition nervous.

Call us if you are committed to being phenomenal – and having a great life.

Our Advisors

Lawrence & Company helps high performing CEOs & leaders have it all:
A great business and a rewarding life.

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