How We Help & How We Work

Simple. Impactful. No BS. No Fluff.

For 30 years, we’ve studied and worked with some of the best high-growth companies in the world, and know what works and what doesn’t.With a keep-it-simple & direct approach,  we focus on tried-&-tested strategies, tools & techniques to sustain & grow your business. We know that whatever we do together has to be easy to implement, or it simply won’t get done.

Develop a Market-Dominating Strategy and Align your Team for Growth.

Better Next Time

Some people are satisfied when a solution “works”. Not us. In everything we do, we always look for a way to make it better, faster, simpler. It’s just what we do.

Tell It Like It Is

We believe that life is simpler when things are transparent. This seems like common sense but it’s not, and we have very little patience for things that claim to be much more – or different – than they really are.

More Than You Say

We believe in doing more than is expected. Call it generosity, a desire to help or to please. We just know that we are driven to – and take pleasure in – doing something extra. It’s good for our clients & relationships – and rewarding for us, too.

Start With Respect

We are down-to-earth people who treat everyone with equal respect. That means keeping an open mind, being curious,  listening to and considering different perspectives. It’s amazing what we can learn.

& Fun Too

We are fun-loving people who approach life in a lively, spirited, and playful way. We take our work and our lives seriously, and we like to have fun too! We enjoy the shared experiences and connections with our colleagues and the teams we support. We naturally find the joy, excitement, and laughter wherever possible.

Our Story

Lawrence & Co was founded by entrepreneur/coach/author Kevin Lawrence who is fascinated by the science and art of entrepreneurial achievement.

Through his work, he’s learned that no matter the culture, economy or industry, people who lead fast-growing companies meet the same challenges and struggles – and they need practical tools and techniques to quickly scale up, sustain their growth and to enjoy themselves along the way.

This is the heart of the work at Lawrence & Co Growth Advisors.


Lawrence & Co. have been instrumental in helping us scale our organization. We tried to implement scaling up methodologies and failed horribly. They provided us with the right framework, coaching, and structure to implement scaling up which has helped us tremendously in our growth.Tommy Truong, Co-Founder, Push Operations

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