Make the Right People Decisions to Build Teams of Engaged A-Players.

Great people are the foundation of great companies and an aligned, thriving team is a tremendous competitive advantage.

More Science than Art

Some see building great teams as an art. Others, a science.

We’ve found, over decades, that great people-decisions are some art and a lot of science.  And we have seen that almost any leader can learn and apply the right tools and systems, to build teams of A Players.

When 80% to 90% of the leaders and managers in an organization are A Players there’s not much that organization can’t achieve and achieve well.

Getting, growing and keeping A Players is work – and worthwhile.

Build Teams of Engaged A-Players

Our Focus: Three Key Drivers for Amazing Teams and People Decisions

People Strategy

Develop a compelling value proposition to attract and keep the best talent.

Twice the Team

Make the right people decisions to achieve 90% A-Players.

Stronger Leaders

Develop the capability of your team to grow and thrive in their future roles.

Experience helps: Scalable, disciplined people decisions.

You could fill a book with all the theories and models to assess, interview and hire people – some logical, some out there.  We’ve seen and tested them all.

And after years of helping our clients to build team of 90% A-Players, we know that simple data and discipline-based systems lead to consistent results, no matter who leads.

We continually research and test the most impactful tools and strategies for entrepreneurial, high-growth companies, and are grounded in the enduring principles of:

  • The Topgrading™ methodology (Brad Smart)
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
  • The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave (Leigh Branham)
  • Purpose & Core values work by Jim Collins

I was able to gain personal insights that helped me open up more, as a leader, and really lean into my own “voice at the table”. So many “aha” moments and transformational statements came out of my time.Rebekah Le, CFO, Allied PG

Seven Drivers of High Performing Teams

We help you to strengthen your core culture & stack the deck with high performers.

  • Purpose & talent strategies
  • Stack the deck with high performers
  • Aligned, engaged teams
  • Clear, SMART, three-to-five-year development plans
  • Impactful accountability sessions
  • Plan, execute, measure, learn, iterate & repeat every 90 days

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The Lawrence & Co Growth Playbook

All our testing, researching and experience, over decades, has led to the creation of The Growth Playbook and the 7 Drivers of Sustainable Growth.

Using this framework, we evaluate your company’s health and precisely assess  your people engine.

The results become the foundation for the development of your People Strategy for the next three-to-five years – and identifies the strategic projects and investments in people to sustain your growth.

Download the First Chapter of our New Book.

A no-nonsense approach for high achievers
to survive and thrive in business, and in life.