CEO & Executive Coaching

As companies grow, the strength of the CEO and executive team – and their alignment to strategy – often grow weaker as they become consumed with day-to-day responsibilities.Without continually investing in their growth and development, they become ill equipped to meet the demands and they – and the company – falls behind.You and your team can be stronger – much stronger.Leveraging the principles in Your Oxygen Mask First, we’ll show you how to continue to grow stronger and more capable to build a high-performing team that becomes your competitive advantage:

  • CEO development + coaching
  • Executive screening + assessment
  • Executive team alignment + growth
  • Conflict resolution + coaching triads

I met Kevin at a point in my business when we were experiencing tremendous growth, and we were all rowing in different directions. My inability to translate the strategic plan to all employees was preventing us from achieving full potential as a business and as individual contributors. Kevin has helped us transform how we look at and manage our business with practical and simple steps that has enthusiastically involved more people in the business than ever. He has demonstrated his natural ability to work and engage all levels of employees and has held us accountable to ourselves and each other. Thanks Kevin!Angela Santiago, CEO, The Little Potato Company Ltd.

360° Reviews

Feedback can be tough to hear and vital to growing as a leader. Done properly, team and individual 360° Reviews are a phenomenal fuel for growth.

In our streamlined process, we ask the right questions to get insightful, constructive data about what your team does well, where they need to improve, their fit with the company core values and what specific actions are required.

Build Teams of Engaged A-Players

Personality Profiles

One of the greatest ways for people to improve their performance is to understand themselves, and their colleagues, better.

We offer a number of assessments to help you make the best hiring and promotion decisions, to improve performance and build better teams:

  • DISC – This behavioural assessment focuses on improved communication skills within the workplace – to provide each team member (or a client) with a better understanding of each other’s natural behaviours, tendencies and values, and how to effectively adapt to individual styles.
  • Strengths Finder – Based on research done by Gallup and popularized by Marcus Buckingham, this assessment helps to identify someone’s top five out of 34 strengths, where they should spend most of their time in their work, and where to delegate the rest (weaknesses)
  • Enneagram – This time-tested, powerful tool provides deep insights about how people interact, both positively and negatively, with other profiles; and identifies patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that either support or act as a barrier to good working and human relationships.

Executive Retreats

An exclusive, three-day private retreat for two anywhere in the world.

Get away from the noise of everyday life for a private, immersive and powerful re-set. Choose a setting that inspires you, and we’ll design an amazing, customized personal retreat for you and a guest, with 5-star accommodation, and recreational and social activities.

Just get yourself to the destination and we’ll take superb care of the rest. Over the three days, you’ll discover and design your unique Master Plan to grow as a person and a leader.

Build Teams of Engaged A-Players

The Biggest Gaps in Strategic Planning & How To Fill Them

How to Fill the Biggest Gaps in Strategic Planning?

Strategy without execution is entertainment.
Execution without strategy = commoditized business & profit pressure.