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Most clients first call Coach Kevin when faced with an urgent, challenging issue – and they stay because of his straightforward approach, keen insight and savvy business acumen.

As a key strategic advisor and coach to entrepreneurial CEOs and business leaders, around the world, he is relentless in helping them to build and maintain tremendous success in business, and a full, rich personal life.

His experiences working with hundreds of leaders to achieve success inspired him to write Your Oxygen Mask First (to be released in fall 2017). The book deals with the dark side of the leadership dichotomy, and offers 17 practical steps to triumph in business, without being trampled in life.

Using his deep knowledge of how to take a good company and how to make it great, the Rockefeller Habits, with his own methods developed over the last 20 years, Kevin helps leaders, in a wide variety of sectors – from consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, luxury retail, media, automotive and professional services – to build high-performance leadership teams, expand into new markets, attract profitable customers, and increase productivity and profits. CEOs in North America, the Middle East, India and Australia, also count on Kevin to facilitate their strategic planning sessions, to align their leadership teams, and to stay focused.

Kevin’s is author of Your Oxygen Mask First, a highly praised book about how to triumph in business and in life, without being trampled; and a key contributor to Scaling Up (Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0).

An avid learner, Kevin is infinitely curious about people, business and what makes a life worthwhile – and passionate about his own pursuits. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he can often be found tearing up a racetrack in a car, go cart or motorcycle; or enjoying outdoor adventures with his wife Angela, son Brayden and daughter Ashley.

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