Increase Your Capability to Accelerate the Growth of Your Company

“You need to double your capability every three to five years to deserve the designation of leadership.”
– Kevin Lawrence

Double Your Capacity, Double Your Growth

There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of leading a winning company toward a great vision. And there’s nothing like the pressure you feel on the way there - or when your company takes a big hit or loss.

To double the growth of a company, the CEO and leadership team need to double their resilience and their capability.

Double Your CEO Capacity, Double Your Growth

Get What You Want Out Of Your Business

“It’s lonely at the top” can be true. In the middle of the chaos of growth, it’s hard to find the perspective, tools or abilities to make critical, and often very difficult, decisions – and to see clear and simple solutions to complex issues.

We get it.

Although the journey can be exciting and rewarding, many successful CEOs become burdened by responsibility, pressures and problems, and go through periods neglecting themselves and their lives. Not a good, long-term strategy.

We’re here to help you build the company and the team you want, without destroying yourself in the process.


Working with my advisor has improved my business and personal relationships.  They were honest, even when I did not want to hear it, and I am a better business person, husband, father and friend as a result of his coaching.”

Mike McKee, JAK’s/Muse/Bigger Bites


Double the capability and resilience of the CEO

The Team

Develop the capacity of the team to grow and thrive in future roles

The Company

Create alignment to effectively execute the strategy

Our Approach

In the end, a company is either driven or held back by its leaders. That’s why it’s vital to continue to grow - and enjoy the ride in the process.

We separate the growth of the person from the growth of the company.

The CEO 

Drawing on the principles of Your Oxygen Mask First, we first assess Energy, Clarity, Team and Growth, as well as the 17 habits CEOs need to thrive. Then, a leadership assessment, which includes feedback from the executive team, board members and other key people, gives perspective on performance.

The results inform a tailored development plan designed to double a CEO’s capability over the next couple of years.

The Company 

Using the Lawrence & Co Growth Playbook, we evaluate your company’s health and precisely assess each of seven drivers through the lens of strategy, people and capital.

The Growth Playbook Assessment leads to a plan to double growth in the next three to five years and double strength of the company and its leaders at the same time.

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A no-nonsense approach for high achievers
to survive and thrive in business, and in life.