Cloré Beauty Supply: Family-Owned Business Flourishes Across Generations

Siblings unite to expand legacy into new provinces, embracing diversity and expertise to continue to serve the Black community.

Jina and Clemens aligned on their purpose. For the sibling duo, it was never about money. Money was an afterthought. It was about living from a place of passion and bringing value.

"She's the CEO, he's the President, but at the heart of it, they're just a sister and brother teaming up to take their family business to new heights. It's all about blending their dreams and unique skills, married with a dose of humility and a whole lot of drive. They're not just running a business; they're continuing a story, and they each add a distinct flair to the family business, driven by their personal visions for success."

The Impact

Multi-generation family business

Commitment to 90% A-Players

The value of sharing and being transparent

Giving back to the community

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