Kristin Hazzard

Growth Advisor

As a coach and consultant to executives and leaders in high growth entrepreneurial organizations, Kristin Hazzard understands the importance of building and developing high-performing teams. Working with clients internationally, Kristin drives growth in organizations through assessing and developing talent, training leaders, and strengthening executive team alignment. She is an expert at solving complex people issues, navigating relationships and conflict, organizational leadership and development, and optimizing on opportunities to achieve positive results for her clients.

Drawing on a wide breadth of professional practice, a Master’s degree in Educational Practice, an entrepreneurial mindset and experience as an elite athlete, Kristin thinks strategically and focuses on the big picture achieved through measurable goal setting and execution. She is particularly adept at navigating and leveraging the individual and complementary personality styles and skills of people within high performing and cross functioning teams, in different scenarios.

With an affinity towards the psychology of leadership and being a true educator at heart, Kristin is motivated to help leaders grow and take massive action in their lives, both personally and professionally. As an accomplished speaker and best-selling co-author, Kristin inspires through her infectious passion and no-excuses mindset. She is heavily invested in the success of her clients and will roll up her sleeves to solve any challenges they may face and stretch them to achieve their highest potential. She does not accept mediocrity and holds her clients accountable to a high standard. Through her coaching, speaking, and advising, Kristin makes leaders better and ensures companies have  high-performing teams needed for sustainable growth.

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