Kurtis Osborne

Growth Advisor

Kurtis takes a holistic approach to his work to secure the financial health and wellbeing of founder-led, growing companies.

With experience in a variety of sectors – including construction, manufacturing, tech, and non-profits – he is intimate with the excitement, pain and challenges of growing companies, and passionate about helping CEOs to be successful.

Using numbers as the tool of his accomplished trade, Kurtis works with senior leadership teams to bring clarity and structure to financial planning, execution and assessment. His practical, grounded and analytical perspective reveals what big picture goals actually look like, and informs a team’s ability to look forward, manage, learn, and grow.

As a former varsity basketball athlete, he appreciates and values the results that can be achieved by the creativity, hard work and determination of a great team. Off the court, he loves dishing up gourmet barbecue fare for big family dinners and chasing his three young children.

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