Executive screening and hiring presents a series of challenges for any organization. Our effective screening and hiring programs help mitigate the risks and address the unique demands of growing your executive team.


Do you know how to source, spot, hire and keep the best talent for your organization?

Using effective, proven Topgrading™ hiring methodologies, we can teach you how to:

  • Avoid hiring mistakes
  • Save your company time and money
  • Build a team that fits your company culture
  • Integrate Topgrading into your current selection process.

Customized Services:

Need help to identify and retain the right talent for your company?

We work with leaders around the world to get the job done, with a success rate of 85% + A-Players hired.

  • Role assessments including development of job scorecards
  • Topgrading interviews
  • Topgrading implementation including coaching, monitoring, and in-house training