The retreat created an environment to allow the group to bond so we are all on the same page to help drive this environment. Overall, I cannot say enough good things about the retreat. It was fantastic, long overdue and has created a new team spirit. Having you and Kevin facilitate really help steer and guide the team to the important items. I hope that we can work with you again on a leadership/operational team item.

Kathy Cromey, Senior Human Resources Manager, The Little Potato Company

Our Senior Executive Team elected to have Kristin Hazzard and Kevin Lawrence coach our company’s Management team, comprised of 20+ team members. These sessions have occurred over the last 6 months, on a monthly basis. I am thrilled to say that these Leadership & Development sessions, based on Kevin’s book “Your Oxygen Mask First”, delivered highly impactful & relatable content. The exercises and group discussions proved to be dynamic changing in how our teams interact with one & other. Kristin & Kevin shared their experiences working with many business leaders in multiple industries, across the globe. Our teams gained a clear understanding on the many challenges we face daily and how to work through them to resolution. Kristin & Kevin are great communicators and are very natural speakers– they delivered course material patiently & thoroughly to a varied audience with multiple backgrounds & perspectives. Our staff have reported that they have gained great insight, are more effective communicators, are better at problem solving, and as managers have developed new approaches to their day to day operations. I would highly recommend Kristin Hazzard and Kevin Lawrence as coaches for any company wanting to improve their top echelon of management and leaders.

Kirk Fisher, P. Eng., MBA, Senior Vice President, Lark Group, CEO, HealthTech Connex