As a leader of teams and coach to high achievers in multiple realms, Kristin understands the intricate dynamics that make up a high functioning team. A true educator at heart, Kristin is passionately motivated to help people succeed with a unique skill set: determining what people really want and inspiring them to take massive action – to achieve fulfillment in their lives, professionally and personally.

Drawing on a wide breadth of professional practice, a Masterā€™s degree in Educational Practice, an entrepreneurial mindset and experience as an elite athlete, Kristin thinks strategically and focuses on the big picture achieved through measurable goal setting and execution. She thinks two steps ahead and can quickly adapt to any situation. She is particularly adept at navigating and leveraging the individual and complementary personality styles and skills of people, within high- and cross-functioning teams, in different scenarios.

She understands that there is a direct link between competition and passion. She is driven to be the best, therefore, she is passionate with everything she does. Her passion that drives her is contagious to her peers and clients. She loves to lead, inspire, and create. She authentically connects with people and takes pride in helping them experience success and continually grow and develop.


  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • TopgradingĀ® interviews for key hires
  • Leadership education
  • Team building and team alignment events and activities
  • Research
    • 360 feedback for leaders
    • Company health and culture assessments

Speaking and Webinars

  • Your Oxygen Mask First
  • The Magic of Different Personality Styles (DISC values and Enneagram)
  • Developing a Winning Mindset
  • How to Build a Championship Team.