The Basics of Driving Sales

I’m always impressed when I meet amazing salespeople and experience masterful sales.

And, because many industries are softer than they were before, we are having the same conversation with leadership teams, every quarter, as we dig into and figure out what they need to do to drive more sales.

Almost always, the conversation comes back to ensuring people are mastering the basics:

  • Are you doing enough of the right activities?
  • Are you crystal clear and focused?
  • Are you focused on our core customers?
  • Are sales leaders involved with the frontline people – coaching, mentoring and even selling with them, side by side?
  • Do people have enough of the right skill sets?

Make the Experience Amazing

When my daughter and I recently went into a store we were immediately greeted by Julian, a nice young guy who complemented us on how we were dressed (we were ready to go out for a nice dinner) and then asked if we’d been to the store before.

We said we hadn’t but had heard about their products. He then led us to a sink to show us how the products work – a cleanser, scrub and lotion – on our hands. We were impressed.

After asking about our favourite, he led us to a wall of products to tell us about the features and benefits, and a buy-two-get-one-free offer.

Although we had no intention of buying anything, after such a great experience, we couldn’t help buying not one but three products. At the till, we were given a gift.

Knowledge, Connection, Authentic Delivery

I’m sure he was a top selling salesperson. He knew his product, connected well with his customers and was very authentic.

After complementing him on his salesmanship and asking if his company had trained him in his approach, he said he had only been given a framework and told to get people to try the product. Very shy and reserved when he started six months ago, he had built his skills, become much more confident and made his pitch his own.

He said that the best thing he learned, as a salesperson, is that you have to want it more than the customer doesn’t.

That says it all.

The Challenge

  • Do your salespeople have a system that allows them to create an amazing experience for your customers?
  • If they do, great! Are they consistently following that winning system?

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