Dean Ritchey | The Advisor Who Started It All

Last month, I had an opportunity to spend time with Dean Ritchey, one of Lawrence & Co’s awesome advisors. We talked about his career and how he became an advisor to CEOs and executive teams. We also discussed the most powerful tool he uses to help people focus on what matters most to their lives and the performance of their business.

He is an amazing advisor and coach who does a lot of strategic planning work. I’ve seen, again and again, over the years, that his sole focus is helping other people to grow and develop, and to achieve what they want in the world. Not just his clients but our internal team and his friends and family, as well, and I’m honoured to work with him.

I’m eternally grateful for Dean being the catalyst, years ago for me to switch from being a single advisor to building a team of other great advisors. He was the beginning of Lawrence & Co. becoming a fully realized company – the advisor who started it all.

Click here to read Dean’s bio and listen to either each of 13 segments or our full interview.

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