Do Your Team’s Aspirations Match Your Growth Aspirations?

For the rest of my life, I will vividly remember a session with Jim Collins when he said you can’t build a great company with good people.

That statement really resonated with me.

When entrepreneurs give up and companies don’t meet their potential, it’s often because their people don’t meet their aspirations.

Time and time again, we see CEOs of growing organizations – trying to build a great, high-performing organization and drive towards their vision of the impact they want to make in the world – who seem to drag their team behind them.

A rare breed

Leaders who continue to drive and build great, enduring great companies, over decades, are rare. They have the stamina, commitment and desire for growth and continually try to do the best thing for their organization.

As rare, are teams that match that aspiration.

Look at sports teams: if they want to improve their performance and win the championship, they either need new training or talent. Sometimes, the issue is with the coach or manager. Often, someone needs to step aside for someone who can do a more effective job.

The same goes for business. People continually need growth and development to meet higher aspirations. And, sometimes, new and stronger players. And that includes the CEO.

The Challenge

    • Does your team match your aspirations?
    • If you had a magic wand and could make some changes what would you do?

Check out last week’s blog about the benefits of continual learning for leaders.

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