Foolproof Hiring: How to Double Your Recruiting Success

My 21-year-old son Brayden, who works as a restaurant shift leader, was recently asked to help to interview a potential employee. Although he had never done that before, he rose to the challenge. When I asked him how he did, he said he “just made up a bunch of random questions”.

And while I’m proud of him for jumping in, we can agree that his ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ approach really isn’t a successful methodology for hiring new people – whether from the outside, who will bring value and perform well in their environment; or developing and promoting internally.

And, sometimes, you get lucky.

A Common Challenge

Recruiting is hard. Even the most experienced business leaders are challenged to build teams of people who thrive in their roles.

In many organizations – whether you do what my son did or follow a more complex system – you still only have a 25% chance of getting it right.

Double Your Success

We – and many of our clients – always use Topgrading methodology which, done properly, gives you a 75% to 90% success rate.

But it’s often hard for organizations to commit to commit to the full discipline required to bring its powerful tools to life.

So, Chris Mursau (President of Topgrading Inc.) wrote a new book about the few, simple things you can do to avoid the most common hiring mistakes – and at least double your recruiting success rate.

As Chris says, every time you avoid a mis-hire, you put more money in the bank and get the productivity, value and better culture that A players bring.

Foolproof Hiring

We’ve been very fortunate, over the years, to work a lot with Chris on different projects for our clients, so we invited him to join us for a webinar to talk about Foolproof Hiring (co-authored by Topgrading CEO Dr. Brad Smart).

In his experience, these are the five most common hiring mistakes:

  1. Not enough A Player applicants
  2. You are fooled into hiring low performers
  3. Shallow, unrevealing Interviews
  4. Worthless reference calls
  5. Applicant screening tools that don’t work

All of them can be avoided with the simple tools he offers to evaluate and improve how you recruit and screen candidates, collect the right data and references, and attract and get the right people in the right seats.

The hardest part of building a great company just got much easier.

Webinar Highlights

Click on these links to learn more:

Clip 1: Cut to the Chase with Foolproof Hiring

Kevin and Chris discuss Foolproof Hiring, the simplified version of Topgrading.

Clip 2: An Easier Approach to Fit Your Needs

Learn how the full Topgrading methodology is like a resolution to hit the gym for the first time in 20 years – and how you can get good results, less painfully.

Clip 3: Check, Check, and Check Those References Again

How crucial are thorough reference checks in making the right decision for both parties.

Clip 4: The Limits of ATS

A warning about the limitations of applicant screening tools. Learn how they can screen out A Players and let C Players through.

Clip 5: Don’t Lose Sight of Your Gut Insight

How your instincts can be as powerful as your measuring tools.

Clip 6: The Benefit of A Player Referrals

Seeking out referrals from A-Players you know can mean a 75% chance of making the right hire.

Clip 7: Masterful Job Ads

The value of working your network and crafting a great ad to attract the right match.

Clip 8: Manage Your Expectations: Fair Pay

How companies can mis-pay for future productivity and leadership, and the value of getting the numbers right.

Clip 9: Hiring Right with the Truth Motivator

How to use the Truth Motivator to cut through the mirage of a great resume.

Clip 10: The Most Effective Way to Interview

How to give a better interview: thorough, chronological, in-depth, and structured.

Clip 11: Get the Real Story

Make sense of things like job hopping or if someone with a brilliant mind is the right leader to build and nurture a team.

The Challenge

  • Which of these five most common hiring mistakes do you make?
        1. Not enough A Player applicants
        2. You are Fooled into Hiring Low Performers
        3. Shallow, Unrevealing Interviews
        4. Worthless Reference Calls
        5. Applicant Screening Tools Don’t Work
  • What can you and your key leaders to double the effectiveness of your hiring decisions?

If you would like assistance to build a stronger team, with more A Players; or have a recruitment and promotion decision to make, please reach out. Our team is happy to assist.

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