Interview with Kem Krest CEO, Amish Shah

In a candid conversation with his coach, Kevin Lawrence, Amish Shah, CEO of Kem Krest, opens up about the biggest low in his 28 year career as CEO of Kem Krest, and how reaching out for the right resources and support put him on track for unstoppable growth. 

The interview covers:

    • What led Amish to seek support from Lawrence & Co?
    • Where Kem Krest is at today?
    • Amish’s road to a team of A-players
    • How Amish simplified his strategy
    • Amish’s transition from Chief Problem Solver to a Strategic CEO
    • Advice for a CEO in a similar position
    • The value of a great co-pilot

Learn more about the key principles that led Amish to put together an exceptional team of A-players, simplify his dashboard, and set a strategy that keeps his compass pointed toward growth at all times.

To read the case study, click here. You can watch the full interview here, or jump ahead to any of the clips listed below.

  1. History of Kem Krest 
  2. New Beginnings: Finding a Co-Pilot in Turbulence
  3. First Who, Then What: Securing a Team of A-Players
  4. Tough but Transformative Transitions: The People Pillar
  5. From Chief Problem Solver to Strategic CEO
  6. The Beauty in Simplicity – Your Strategy
  7. Purifying Your Priorities with Your Rocks
  8. The Metrics That Matter
  9. Narrowing Priorities to Reach Success
  10. Freeing Up the Strategic CEO 
  11. Amish’s Advice for CEOS 
  12. Work, Self, Life Passion
  13. Vision for Kem Krest In Five Years

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