Leadership Development: Integration vs Intervention?

Many people approach leadership development like getting into shape before a beach vacation. There’s a big flurry of activity as they sign up for a class at the gym, then nothing happens for another year.

That’s leadership development by intervention.

To earn mastery-level leadership skills, said Lawrence & Co. Advisor Brett Abram – VP Human Resources for a very large, well-known Canadian company before he joined us – your leadership development program should be fully integrated into the organization and its operations, with the same focus and discipline you apply to strategic planning and execution.

For many organizations, it’s common to have long term goals, broken down into annual plans with quarterly execution commitments, that are reviewed monthly and weekly. But when it comes to leadership development, many people don’t think that way and it becomes a focus only after they’ve had a big problem or there’s a big gap in their talent.

That’s why our cohesive and comprehensive Leadership Development Programs – to support all levels within your organization – are designed to be seamlessly integrated into a company’s regular operating rhythms. They include:

  • Assessments
  • Key-leader development plans, tied to annual strategic plan deliverables
  • Coaching and training
  • Regular 360s
  • Monthly education opportunities.

This discipline ensures people build the skillsets they need to be successful – and for your company to continue to grow and thrive.

Far less painful – and far more productive – than the interruption of hard resets and interventions.

The Challenge

  • When it comes to your leadership development initiatives are you an integrator or an interventionist?
  • How about when it comes to strategic planning?

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