Quarterly Planning: Are You Achieving Your #1 Goals for Work, Self & Life Halfway Through 2022?

I love checkpoints. We’re often so busy that we need an external prompt to contemplate where we are and to re-calibrate what we’re doing.

Like now, as we come into summer in the northern hemisphere, when I naturally split my year from full throttle – taking care of my clients and working with my team to make sure that they are achieving what they want – and dropping into summer vacation mode with friends and family.

Without a reminder to spend dedicated time (a quarterly meeting for myself and with my team), I might miss this critical juncture to reflect and reset my plans for the last half of the year.

Quarterly Planning Process

I encourage you to think about two separate processes:

1. For yourself as a leader: From Your Oxygen Mask First, use the two-page personal quarterly review and reset to:

  • See how you’re doing on your #1 goals for Work, Self and Life
  • Reflect on the last quarter (or even the last six months)
  • Set your goals for Q3. Ideally, have one goal that really matters most – one each for Work, Self, and Life. Make sure that those three are truly the most important and that you will do whatever it takes to make them happen. Everything else pales in comparison.
  • You can also listen to this podcast on the Quarterly Reset on The Growth Whisperers: Episode 64 – Why You Need A Quarterly Reset.

2. For your business: From Scaling Up, use your quarterly meeting, with your team to:

  • Reflect on the results from the last quarter and year-to-date.
  • Do a proper review and reset through the perspective of financials, KPI’s, goals and all the key leaders in your company.
  • Make sure you and your team are aligned around what to do in the third quarter to make sure you accomplish all the goals, in the last half of 2022.

Sometimes things change. Goals need to be dropped, reprioritized or accelerated, based on changing market conditions or other factors.

Other Resources

  • The Quarterly Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Are You Failing to Achieve Your Quarterly Goals?

This reset is a chance to reflect and make better changes, now that you’re six months into the year – and are likely the most valuable one or two days that you spend each quarter. If they’re not, they should be.

The Challenge

  1. What do you need to make the next 90 days better for your company? For yourself?  For your Life?
  2. What are your #1 Q3 Goals for Work, Self and Life?

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