How Do You Replenish & Recharge Your Batteries?

You can’t drive down the street, in almost any city in the world today, without seeing an electric car. And we know their batteries need to be recharged so that they will take us where we want to go.

It’s a great metaphor for the importance of recharging our human batteries on a regular basis.

This isn’t just about getting enough sleep, eating healthy or exercising. It’s about recharging your mind so that you can think clearly and see what’s possible in the world, reenergizing your body to be healthy and strong, and keeping your spirit inspired.

A big part of the practical tools and resources in Your Oxygen Mask First (find overview and resources here and chapter videos here) – written to help high achievers to thrive in leadership and in life – is the importance of proactively taking care of yourself to become stronger and more resilient. Only when you’re at best in Work, Self and Life can you transcend the rigours of leadership.

Take something like your phone. You can use it until it runs out of batteries completely, find somewhere to recharge it, and then wait for it to work again.

Or you can regularly recharge it by plugging in when you’re in the office, in the car, or on an aeroplane. With continually recharges, it will never be depleted.

The idea for us, then, is to recharge so consistently and regularly that we never run out of juice and are always at our best.

We don’t have to wait until our batteries are dead.

The Challenge

  • If your batteries run at less than 100%, what can you do today, this week or this month to recharge?
  • What can you eliminate or deal with that puts a notable drain on your batteries?

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