Shared Experiences are a Catalyst for Connection

As I come off an amazing summer and reflect on the highlights that were most memorable and meaningful, I’m reminded of the difference between individual and shared experiences.

Over time, I’ve been lucky to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. I’ve been able to meet founders and leaders of successful companies. In addition, I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some of the best hotels, eat in some of the best restaurants; and to challenge myself in car-racing adventures.

And while these self-gratifying experiences were amazing, they were different than those I’ve shared with people I care about. You just can’t fully communicate their impact to someone unless they are there.

Shared experiences are a catalyst for connection and bonding, for the stories, laughter and memories that can be relived, together.

So, as I reflect on this past summer, the highlights are those shared, awesome experiences with small- to medium-sized groups of people I care about.

Like when a dozen of us attended a regular party and turned it into our own dress-up-themed party-within-a-party. Or when three generations of my family played Cards of Humanity together. We’re still laughing about it!

These are the ‘heart successes” I talk about in Your Oxygen Mask First (Chapter 1, Live an Amazing Life) that light you up inside. They give you a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfillment and define how you feel about yourself – and are different from the “head successes”, of the pride of reaching goals, and acquiring personal wealth and possessions.

“…you need to sort out what heart success is to you so it can be part of your game plan. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to look back, decades from now, with zero regrets.  This is the true test of an amazing life.” – Kevin Lawrence, Your Oxygen Mask First

And they can happen with your team, too. At a recent retreat, the CEO of the company invited everyone and their families to a BBQ at his home. This was much more meaningful than than the usual executive dinner. The chance to get to know each other better was definitely a highlight.

The Challenge

  • As you think reflect on your year or summer – what gave you a 10/10 heart success?
  • As you think about the rest of this year, what can give you the same success, with your family and friends, and your team at work?

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