The Great Jim Collins & Thinking Time

A few weeks ago, our team and a number of clients had an amazing experience at Jim Collins’ Good to Great Team Workshop at Navy Pier in Chicago.

A special shout-out to Karen and the team at The Growth Faculty for making this happen.

A Master at Work

There’s nothing like seeing a master at work: from his amazing research about building great, enduring companies to his presentation style, to facilitating amazing discussions with one person, an executive team or a big audience.

The greatest value, for me, is his ability to create an environment that fosters very potent think time. Discussion with people around me, as Collins walked us through some of his key principles, and my own contemplation helped to create some valuable insights that related to my firm and to the clients we work with.

Peculiar Leadership

One of our most insightful discussions came when we were prompted to talk about our peculiar leadership artistry: what makes us highly effective and how we could be better.

Peculiar, adjective

different to what is normal or expected

particular; special. 

belonging exclusively to. 

                                                  – Oxford Dictionary

My discussion group included someone I’d never met and my son Brayden, who moved into a leadership position in the past year.

We talked about our passion for our work and how it connects to a greater purpose, about helping others move towards greatness and, from my son, about leading by example doing his best, having a strong work ethic and treating people with respect.

As we shared insights and information with each other, I realized three things:

    1. That I see potential for further greatness in people, and lead or push them towards things that are multiple times greater than where they are today
    2. That I naturally enjoy trying to solve the hardest challenges that people face and have both the conviction and courage to work them through.
    3. That I can get people to make tough commitments.

An Epiphany

My epiphany was that I can do a better job of continually reinforcing, with my team, my passion for the work we do that connects to our purpose, the value we bring and the impact we have on our clients, who, in turn, do amazing things.

That sometimes gets lost when I am so busy.

The Challenge

    • Think about what peculiarity makes you highly effective, as a leader
    • How might you, or one of your team members, can either reinforce something you already do or try something different to be more effective?

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