Have You Met Tim Schokking?

It was great to catch up with Tim Schokking, one of our Lawrence & Co advisors, who focuses mostly on strategic planning for family and entrepreneurial businesses, as well as some CEO and executive coaching.

We talked how being an advisor allows him to use his curiosity, and to help other people tap into their potential by finding interesting and creative ways around the challenges they face.

Most interestingly, when we talked about the most impactful tool he takes to his clients, he initially started talking about our customized version of the One-Page Strategic Plan.

And then he quickly moved on to talk about the power of asking the right questions to people who are already smart and capable.

In this segment, Tim talks about how he is motivated by the journey of his continual improvement – to be better when he goes to bed than when he got up in the morning.

And, how much he loves to work with family businesses and navigating the complex dynamics of personalities, growth and succession planning.

Finally, we talk about his favourite clients: people who are hungry and humble, interested and driven, and who want to learn – people push him to be at the top of his game so that they can be at the top of theirs.

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