Unveiling Uncomfortable Truths: A Guide to Facing the Brutal Facts

Let’s chat about the not-so-pleasant issues that people tend to avoid—what Jim Collins calls the Brutal Facts—how we can confront them and turn them into something positive.

I once worked with a great company that hit a rough patch with their finance team. The CFO, who had been a star and grown with the company, was suddenly drowning in responsibilities. The demands of the role had skyrocketed, but the team hadn’t kept the same pace of growth and was letting the company down. The CEO knew it but preferred to sweep it under the rug.

During our two-day strategic planning meeting for this company, we uncovered the harsh reality that the finance team simply couldn’t give the business what it needed.

Most folks tend to avoid such touchy topics because they don’t know how to deal with them and don’t want to embarrass their colleagues in front of everyone.

So, we developed some tools to dig deep and deal with brutal facts, in a respectful and professional way

    1. Identify the most important brutal fact that needs to be addressed
    2. Make a list about the facts relating to the brutal fact
    3. Ask the appropriate people to work on a proposed action plan or options to address it
    4. Decide and execute your plan, based on the findings.

When you stick to the facts, it’s easier to have a constructive debate and act towards a resolution versus looking at opinions and judgements.

The Challenge

    • What’s the biggest brutal fact you and your team you and your team need to discuss now?
    • When can you schedule time to gather the facts and have the discussion?

If you need a helping hand to tackle the brutal facts head-on in your business, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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