I’m excited to let you know that I will be facilitating a leadership workshop at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

The workshop will focus on key concepts from my book, Your Oxygen Mask First.

This session is part of a series of strategic action workshops for purpose driven, high impact leaders and participants will leave the workshop with a new awareness and crystal clear commitment to high- impact strategic actions.

You’ll get a number of practical takeaways for lasting results. Understand why it’s so critical to put on Your Oxygen Mask First:

  • To be an effective, strong, and generous leader
  • Understand your current mental health, and how you can become stronger
  • Complete a Self-Assessment to determine your Wheel of Resilience
  • Identify the #1 habit you need to improve your strength and performance (and your team members’)
  • Craft your personal Resilience Rituals
  • Draft your Master Plan for work, self and life, that includes the most important people in your life

This workshop is co-hosted by Geraldine Ruane, COO, Trinity College Dublin, and Paul O’Kelly.

To reserve your place at this invitation only workshop register today as there are limited places available.

Register NOW: katieanne@paulokelly.com

Download the Brochure