Your Oxygen Mask First Audiobook Now Available

I wanted you to know that Your Oxygen Mask First is now available as an audiobook on: | | | iTunes

Years ago, I heard that highest performing leaders read, on average, at least two books a month, I was definitely not at that pace.

With my busy schedule - and that fact I don’t read for pleasure (it’s work activity to help me perform better) – reading 24 books a year would be next to impossible. But, thanks to the magic of audiobooks, and iTunes, I can turn my iPhone into my rolling University. They are my simple solution to read at least two books every month.

Anytime that I travel or do a mundane activity, I’ll most likely be listening to an audiobook. It works well to continually learn about things that are most important to me – and I highly recommend it.

A little tip: I listen to my books at 1.5 speed – and it makes them more engaging and interesting. I have to really listen to stay focused. At the regular speed, they can sometimes be a bit boring.

So, if you have a fair amount of time on your hands driving or flying, I highly recommend audiobooks as an easy and efficient way to make sure you are continuously learning.

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By the way, we’ve developed a companion workbook for Your Oxygen Mask First that people can download to work through the exercises.  Contact us for your copy – and watch for it soon on