Clarity through Hindsight – Time to Plan for 2022

Time is finite. You need to know exactly where to invest your hours and energy to get the results you actually want – Your Oxygen Mask First

I spotted this sign on the wall of a café in Westbank, BC (West Kelowna) while chatting with someone about how business was notably down during COVID-19.

Since we know things don’t always work out as we want them to, there’s an opportunity to harness the power of reflection – to look back, learn and be more prepared and more successful in the future.

Hindsight always brings clarity.

In October, I did a simple exercise with a YPO forum in the US. After giving them perspective on stress and mental health for CEOs and executives, we took the tools from Chapter 17 Plan, Plan & Plan Again of Your Oxygen Mask First to reflect on the past year – what worked, what didn’t work as well, and how they would do it better next time – to think about what they wanted in the short, medium and long term.

Finally, they set their #1 priorities for Work, Self and Life.

Talking about mental health and doing a reflection, within a structure that provided more clarity, helped them to figure out what was most important to them – and helped them to set better goals not just for Work but for Self and Life.

So, as you plan for 2022, here are two things to think about:

  • Focus only on what you can control now.
  • Reflect to get clear on what you would like to happen over the next year, in your Work, Self and Life.

2022 Plan Template

Our Master Plan template is the ideal tool to clarify long-, medium- and short-term goals, and to start 2022 in the direction that matters most to you. It includes:

  • Annual and quarterly reflections to look back and evaluate how you did versus what you intended, and to gather perspectives on what you’ve learned to create more of what you want in the future
  • After-action reviews (postmortems) at the end of every business quarter, and after every major project, for what worked well and what didn’t. We can never predict all that’s going to happen, but we can increase our ability to be more capable by learning from these experiences.
  • What you can do to be more effective next time.

The Challenge

  • Whether it’s with your forum, advisors, executive team, coach or spouse, how can you carve out three to four hours to reflect on 2021?
  • Use the Master Plan as a tool, then reset what’s most important in your world for the rest of your life, the next few years, and then the first 90 days of next year.
  • Set your #1 priorities for Work, Self and Life.

If you would like one of our skilled coaches to work with you to draft your Master Plan, please get in touchand ask about bulk order purchases of Your Oxygen Mask First.

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