Are You Trying to Motivate Your Team?

In new organizations we work with, managers often ask how to motivate the people on their team.

I absolutely love this question! And especially the moment I say, after a pause, “You don’t”.

Your job, as a manager, is to find people who are already motivated and give them a platform to do great work.

One caveat: just because someone isn’t motivated in one company or one role, doesn’t mean that they’re not motivated. Everyone is motivated in different ways, and to do different things.

Naturally Motivated

When you think back to the best people you’ve ever worked with, chances are they are all highly motivated, driven people who want to make things happen and be proud of what they accomplish.

So, motivation starts with hiring and promoting capable people who desire that kind of work and are naturally going to thrive in that role.

Over the years, we’ve tried many different tools, methodologies and frameworks and now have a tool that we believe can help our clients to be the most effective, to understand people’s natural motivations and drives, through the interview and assessment process.

The Right Fit

A leader’s job is not to make the job fit the person but to find the person that fits the job – someone who is capable, willing and excited to be in the role, in your organization. Then, your job is to:

    • Ensure there is a great culture people want to be part of
    • Provide the guidance, tools and techniques to help them be more effective and to progress in their role.
    • Recognize and reward their good work.

The Challenge

    • Who on your team is naturally motivated and thrives in a role? Why?
    • Think of someone who doesn’t seem to be motivated in the role. What could change or be done differently to free up their natural motivation? And be open to the fact that natural motivation might be in a different job or a different company.

If you’d like to learn more about the best tools to help build a strong team, just ask.

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