Celebrating Success and the Accomplishments of Your People

We all know that positivity is contagious, and gratitude is heartwarming.

Most of us who are driven to create amazing things in our companies and in our lives often don’t truly celebrate. We forget to soak up the great things that are happening around us, along the way.

Sometimes, when winning organizations hit a rough patch, they get caught up in what’s not working. A black cloud forms overhead, and then people feel as if they’re not winning or can never do enough right.

Celebrating the little things is a big deal.

I’ve seen organizations that focus on what’s not working and challenging people to improve too much. I’ve also experienced organizations that seem to celebrate success too much, without focusing on what needs to improve.

There’s no right formula. Different organizations, in different stages, have different things going on. It’s about a constant recalibration of making sure you are both celebrating success and challenging the status quo.

The organizations we work with that are the best at this continually celebrate the accomplishments of people, both personally and at work.

And they often celebrate things that exemplify alignment with or progress towards their purpose or the next big mountain they are going to climb (Jim Collins’ BHAG). They take the time to acknowledge the behaviours that define their core values.

Celebration is motivation to do more good things that we know are good and challenge forces us to look at what we can do differently or better.

The Challenge

  • Do you have the right balance between celebrating and challenging?
  • What could you and your team do to better celebrate this week?
  • What can you and your team do to challenge and focus on what needs to be improved this week?

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