Brother-Sister Duo Take Black Beauty Business, Cloré to New Heights, While Keeping Their Roots in Legacy

The Foundation of Cloré

When you think of the Black beauty industry what comes to mind? Underrepresentation? At least in Canada, that’s the case. But it’s not true of regions like the United States where co-owners and siblings Clemens and Jina, say that there are as many black beauty boutiques as there are Tim Horton’s on Canadian soil. Years ago, when the siblings were in high school, their father Yong saw an opportunity for Black beauty. So, he started a business with a cousin in Syracuse, New York, which has become Cloré. There weren’t many businesses focused on Black beauty at the time and he saw an opportunity to help individuals in an underserved market realize their confidence.

Jina and Clemens had early exposure to business. In their youth, Yong had owned a convenience store, and they went to the store after, partly, they admitted, because it was the only way to have time with Yong. They welcomed clients into the store, alongside Yong, and worked behind the cash. While they don’t remember feeling a spark for the work at the time, being in the store did leave an imprint. This routine carried on even when Yong started Cloré.

Finding a Path Forward With a Coach

Under Yong’s guidance (and some resistance) the brother-sister team pivoted from their personal paths and joined the family business. At first they were unsure about how to find their passion and niche in the business. But once they joined, they were all in. Clemens started by reading Scaling Up. His gut told him just reading the book was not enough. He wanted to speed the learning curve. More than anything, he wanted for growth to be sustainable and lasting. He set out to convince his father and sister that they should hire a coach. 

When the family met Tim Schokking, everything clicked. Tim is a Strategic Advisor at Lawrence and Co., a boutique consulting agency founded by Kevin Lawrence. He struck the siblings as personable, honest, effective, and warm. Finally, Clemens had Jina and Yong on side. 

They have now been working with Lawrence & Co. for 2+ years. From December 2021 to March 2024, Cloré increased A-players in leadership roles (managers, directors, and executives) from 27% to 78%. 

To watch the interview of Jina and Clemens by the Founder of Lawrence & Co., Kevin Lawrence, click below.


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