Building your Personal Master Plan for 2023+

Potentially the most impactful 90 minutes you can spend.

In a previous newsletter, we talked about our annual retreat when we did an exercise (from Chapter 17 from Your Oxygen Mask First, Plan, Plan and Plan, Again) to reflect on 2022, and update our Master Plans around what’s most important to us in Work, Self and Life.

Time is finite, so planning and re-planning are two of leadership’s most fundamental and under-utilized skills. You need to know exactly where to invest your hours and energy to get the results you actually want. To know what opportunities to focus on, now, and what to let go or mark for the future. Without a plan, it’s far too easy to get distracted and focus on too many things at once, spreading your efforts thin and achieving less.

Just 90 Minutes

In our planning session, my team and I walked through the very impactful Master Plan exercise in just over an hour. Recently, one of our clients wanted a similar experience for their CEO forum, so I recorded a video for them – to just press stop and start as they went through it – and they could have the same experience without me or my team being in the room.

Here’s the video to walk you or your team through the exercise. It will guide you to do a reflection of the past year and then draft your Master Plan for the rest of your life and, specifically, your goals for next year. Here’s the template in Excel and PDF formats.

Doing this exercise with somebody else makes it much more impactful. We encourage you to schedule 90 minutes in your calendar, with your partner in life – or your partner and team in business – to complete your Master Plan before the end of the year.

The Challenge

Additional Resources

  • The Master Plan template in Excel and PDF
  • The Master Plan walk-through video.

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