Go, Put on Your CEO Ambassador Hat

I had a great conversation with Brad Giles, my cohost on The Growth Whisperers podcast, about the CEO ambassador role, a concept from his book Made to Thrive. Consequently, this got me thinking about a higher level of the CEO role.

Leaders are focused on strategy, engaging people, driving execution and ensuring financial performance. As a result, the CEO ambassador role is often overlooked. However, CEOs often spend too much time on things that actually create less value than the impactful benefits of enhancing their company’s most important relationships.

One of my clients, in the farming space, calls this “windshield time”. To stay connected to a farmer who is critical to their business, they jump into a pickup truck and drive through the fields to see the crops.

It’s simply about making people feel connected, important and proud to be working with your organization.

So, put on your ambassador hat and get out there.

The Challenge

  • Where can you create pride and connection in relationships key to your organization? This can be with customers, community, industry, employees or shareholders.
  • How can you find time to connect them to what matters, to your purpose and values?

For more about the value of the ambassador role, join us for episode 66 of The Growth Whisperers podcast.

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