Embracing the Moment – Are You on the Dance Floor?

I was just listening to an interview about a survivalist who spent time living with people who lived off the land in northern Russia. Every day, all their activities went to finding food and to do what they had to to survive – even when the weather was extreme, or they were hurt or sick. He came away from the experience convinced that we are made for this nomadic, tribal way of life – that we are at our best when we are knowledgeable and productive, and in touch with nature.

It caught my attention when he said that these people were happy, despite the hardships, and genuinely were in a state of gratitude, most of the time. Now, we hear about gratitude all the time, and its importance as a life principle that allows you to fully embrace whatever your reality is, and to find something to appreciate and enjoy. And sometimes it comes down to appreciating and embracing fresh air and open spaces, on a cold and rainy day.

Makes me think about the kid at a family wedding – when a great aunt wants to drag her onto the dance floor as the polka music or the chicken dance strikes up. The choice is to resist for fear of being embarrassed or to embrace the moment.

Whether it’s a family wedding or a challenging situation, the only way to give yourself access to enjoyment – to creativity, invention and resilience – is to choose to fully embrace whatever is happening. You’ll notice that your energy shifts dramatically as you rise to the challenge, and you’ll be so grateful that you did.

It’s been spectacular to watch companies jump onto the dance floor of life in this rich, creative time as their survival instincts have kicked in, and to witness their innovations and inventions.

In a conversation with friends over the weekend we talked about why some people are doing well, and some are beaten down by what’s happening now. The common thread is allowing the entrepreneurial spirit to rise, a can-do attitude and willingness to embrace the situation and to find new opportunities.

Whether you’re in the wilds of northern Russia or responsible for running a company in the city, humans are truly at their best when challenged, focused, creative and resourceful. Sometimes, it’s a matter of survival, and sometimes, it’s pure fun.

The Challenge

  • Where are you resisting – in your business or your team – being dragged onto the dance floor?
  • What exciting opportunities do you need to stop resisting and find a way to fully embrace?