Channeling Entrepreneurial Energy

“Expanding your mind in seemingly random areas of interest is more than just personally satisfying. It causes synapses to fire, sparks creative ways of thinking, and it’s guaranteed to make you a better leader.” – Learn Like Your Life Depends on It, Your Oxygen Mask First

I met some really inspiring entrepreneurs last Thursday, when I spoke to members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in St, Louis, Missouri, about the principles of building a team full of A-players, and how to stay strong and resilient.

I love hearing people’s stories and the ideas that inspire them to start their own successful business.

For one member, it was her sister’s battle with breast cancer that inspired a line of Cell Phone Touch Screen Purses – a business that is now exploding with success.

Another member started an organization to provide superhero capes to kids to help them to overcome a disability, illness or challenge. This idea was so inspiring – and I plan to personally support what they’re doing.

And another created a marketing agency that gets so deeply involved, they go beyond lead generation and marketing, and actually work to improve their clients’ company processes to ensure their success.

It’s very powerful to get out of the office and meet different entrepreneurs. Hearing about creative new approaches and innovations in grassroots organizations builds excitement. When we’re so busy, it’s easy – and limiting – to only spend time with the same people, in the same environments.

Get out there and meet people, listen, look and learn. Share ideas, perspectives and insights. You’ll find every shape and size – and motivation and inspiration. All of them will help you to channel your entrepreneurial energy. And you will see the world, your business, and your life, differently.

The Challenge

  • Meet with new entrepreneurs and leaders to learn about fresh and diverse approaches to solving problems.