Annual Review and Your Goals for the Year

Hi! Just checking in to see how you are doing with your Annual Review and Master Plan for 2018.

Have you drafted your Master Plan – including your 2017 Annual Review and Plan for the Quarter?

Have you shared it with your team, family or friends?

It’s really important to take the time, to think about what you want to achieve in all areas of your life – Work, Self and Life – not just goals for the year, but for the rest of your well-lived life. And then to make sure the people you work with, and care about are on board

Here’s a link to the December blog about that – and let me know if you need any help.

Here’s to a truly sane and satisfying 2018!


Your Master Plan

The tool that I want you to spend time on is My Master Plan which is broken down into three simple parts:

  • Page 1 – The Annual Review: Questions to help you reflect on 2017: What was great, and what might make the next year better?
  • Page 2 – The Master Plan: What the ultimate goal is for your lifetime? What would make things twice as good in three years, and what you want to achieve the coming year? The key is that this is done for the three key areas – Work, Self, Life. In fact, (once the initial madness settles down), the holidays are great time to do this exercise with your spouse family or friends – to work on your envisioned future together. Each of you can talk about what your ‘Self’ columns look like, so that you can support one another.
  • Page 3 – The Plan for the Quarter: Starting with the amount of your passion ratio for each area, (how much energy you want to allocate for each area), and the #1 project or goal you want to achieve.