How Steep is Your Growth Curve?

“Knowledge alone is not enough. You need to put what you learn into practice, or you’re no further ahead.” – Kevin Lawrence, Your Oxygen Mask First

When I was in New Delhi, India, recently, doing 360 feedback and coaching for key executives, a question came up about how to increase the growth curve when developing future leaders. How could we take the natural growth curve and make it steeper?

Like using new equipment for the first time, you’ll eventually figure it out, through trial and error.

If a manager teaches you, you’ll learn faster. The learning curve starts to rise.

In a full training program, you learn even more, and the curve gets steeper. And, ultimately, with a coach to guide you, as you take and test what you’ve learned in the real world, the curve can go off the charts.

Without the combination of these investments, they could still be fiddling with the knobs.

“Invest the energy it takes to stay ahead of the game.”

Now, the return can still be zero even if you do natural and formal learning, and work with a manager and a coach unless you have the discipline to apply it on a daily basis.

We all know this. We’ve seen it as we help our children to learn new skills, like riding a bike or learning a sport. But, once they get going and we see them doing decently well, we often forget to keep helping them to grow further because we all get so busy doing our work.

There’s no limit to how much motivated people can grow, with the right support and in an environment where they have the ability to be great.

The Challenge

  • Are you truly making investments consistent with the growth you want to see in your team?

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