Hi Travel! Remember Me?

Last week was officially one year since my last major trip. I have fond memories of a conference keynote in Las Vegas followed by a workshop in St. Louis.

I’ve been inspired by how companies have pivoted their strategies. Even more impressive is how humans have adapted to find new ways to thrive without being close to each other.

And I realized how much I miss travel. As I was driving by the Vancouver airport recently, I had the need to go to The Fairmont Hotel. I just wanted to sit in the lounge, have a meal, and look at the airplanes.

No doubt that I love airports. And I love travel – experiencing new environments and new people, new beliefs and new challenges.

So, when people ask me if I’m glad I don’t have to travel anymore, I answer with hesitation. While I did travel most weeks in the year – and my body has thanked me for not being jet lagged so much – I know that my mind and spirit really enjoyed the adventures. And, time in an airport and on a plane is time to myself: time to think, to focus and be highly productive. It’s where I do some of my best strategic thinking and planning, writing and reflecting.

They were part of my resilience rituals which I’ve had to rebuild in different ways.

I miss you, travel. And, in the future, I likely won’t travel as much as I did before and suspect – based on how well we’ve learned to run virtual meetings – that half to three quarters of the meetings, we used to do in person, will probably stay that way. They’re incredibly productive and save notable amounts of time and money.

And when we do meet face-to-face, those experiences will be richer than before – wonderful for deepening relationships, for camaraderie and the excitement of celebrating victories together. Popping a bottle of champagne by yourself is just not as much fun!

Oh travel, I miss you!

The Challenge

  • When the world opens up, again, how do you envision it looking for you and your company?
  • Is there anything, out of this last year’s experience, that you would change or take with you?

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