Podcast Episode 13 – Apple Privacy, How Leaders Become Great

The Growth Whisperers is a weekly podcast hosted by Brad Giles and Kevin Lawrence two advisors to mid-market businesses, one Australian, one Canadian, who each work with CEOs and Leadership Teams across the world with a mission to build enduring, great companies. Each weekly episode covers interesting situations and questions from the world of strategic planning, leadership development, talent and hiring in high growth entrepreneurial companies where real results matter.




Apple Privacy – Last week Apple released iOS14, their new operating system which includes a new prominent privacy feature where users are asked whether they want to allow an app to track them across other apps and websites. Brad and Kevin discuss the Apple strategy around privacy and how this could disrupt the $80 Billion digital marketing industry by preventing mobile marketers attributing ad spend.

How Leaders Become Great – Many people want to become leaders and get the corner office, the title, the compensation and the power. Kevin and Brad talk about how the best leaders get there, how they think, and how they build their teams.