How to Build a Great Team

If you’ve ever been on a great team, and then left your role or joined a new company, but found yourself instead on a mediocre team, you know it can feel like a curse.

It takes time, many small things, and focus and momentum to build a great team. It begins with basic rules of engagement. This mirrors how we start off with new clients – when we talk about how we as a team agree to work together.

This includes:

  • Crystal clear goals and clear measures of success in order to see performance markers clearly.
  • Clarity on where we align and where we don’t – and how we’ll come back together to sort things out.
  • Giving feedback about what is being done well, and how to improve. Such as giving 360-degree feedback with succinct, direct, mostly qualitative questions that provide actionable information. (See Chapter 9 in Your Oxygen Mask First)

Most importantly, we recognize the value of debate – a full day a month works well – to talk about the most important issues, to get to know each other, to align and move ahead. It’s also a great way to sort out issues quickly, instead of allowing them to linger over the team.

The Challenge

  • What one or two things can you do tune-up the team you are now, in order to make it notably more effective, healthier and higher performing?

To learn more, listen to Episode 77 of The Growth Whisperers Leadership Podcast.

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