How to Discuss Burnout With Your Team


I came across this fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review that really struck a chord with me. You know, it’s not easy for employees to admit they’re burnt out. There’s this fear of being perceived as weak or inadequate. But when someone finally has the courage to say, “Hey, I’m burnt out,” it’s an opportunity for us to step in and provide genuine support.

The article I read highlights how crucial it is to handle employee burnout with care. It emphasizes the need to take it seriously, truly listen to their concerns, and help them uncover the underlying causes of their burnout. We should work together to create a plan that addresses their needs head-on.

Now, here’s something I want to add to the conversation. If an employee is seriously burnt out, it’s essential to help them access professional help. This could mean connecting them with a psychologist, counselor, or doctor who specializes in mental health. We want them to receive the necessary support and guidance to bounce back stronger.

Have you ever heard of Mental Health First Aid? They have this model called ALGEE, and it’s like a superhero toolkit for mental health. It stands for assess, listen, give reassurance and information, encourage appropriate professional help, and empower with self-help strategies. It’s a practical framework that can guide us in providing effective assistance.

Let’s not forget about ourselves too. We need to prioritize our own well-being. Remember the airplane analogy? Put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others. We must make time for activities that nurture our body, mind, and spirit. Whether it’s spending time with friends, pursuing hobbies, or finding personal inspiration, let’s prioritize self-care.

This article serves as a reminder that when employees open up about burnout, we must approach it with compassion and sensitivity. And always remember, when stress becomes overwhelming, seeking professional help is a valid and necessary step towards recovery.


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